Development Program
of the Small Business
in Saint-Petersburg
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Информационная поддержка малого бизнеса Санкт-Петербурга

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Welcome to the official site of Development Program of the Small Business in Saint-Petersburg

“The general principle of the program is a principle of a “green corridor” for small business. The modern innovative method was reflected in the title of the new program – “The Open Sky” and its visual image, directed to the future. “The boy, the sky, the airplane in the boy’s hands and the main thing is – flight as a creativity which is inherent for any business. The free “flight” of small business is metaphorically expressed purpose of the program”, told Dmitry Bykov, vice-president of the CEDIPT supervising the block of the small business.

“We wish to activate the participation of young people in economic life of the city and to bring the contribution to the preparation of the future generation of businessmen. These should be the competent professionals, self-confident in market economy, who are not afraid of competition and able to involve the best achievements of progress in scientific, industrial and social sphere in their practice”, - he noted (see the article “Saint-Petersburg: The Government is about to input 2 billion rubles in the development of the small business before 2010” in the “News” block for more details).